Cabinet furniture
made with
European technology

Custom design furniture
for your home

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Our designers will find the perfect texture, color and style for your interior

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How to get a quotation?

  1. Fill in the form

    After filling the form we will contact you, get details and come to take measurements.

  2. Same day preliminary quotation

    Few hours later after taking the measurements you will get the preliminary quotation (from… to ...).

Can I get the approximate quotation before calling in the measurement technician?
If you got a sketch or pictures that you want, attach them.
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How do we work with our customers

  1. Design

    After the deposit for the design (1500 THB) “It will be included in the costs if the furniture is ordered” Our designer starts to make a sketch drawing, precise plan with dimensions, accessories and fittings.

  2. Design and estimates approval

    After agreeing on the materials, appliances, fittings, colors and coatings you will need to approve the sketch and the estimates price.

  3. Advance payment

    We’ll sign the contract and you will have to make 70% advance payment.

  4. Manufacturing

    Our official production time is 45 days. However, usually this period is much shorter. As soon as everything is ready we will contact you and make an appointment for the installation.

  5. Delivery and assembly

    Depending on the furniture type, it will be assembled either at your home or at the factory. The installation takes about 1-2 days, depending on the complexity of the project.

  6. Payment and signing the act of acceptance

    We sign the act of acceptance for the project and you will have to transfer the remainder 30% to us.

Now you can start enjoying your furniture!

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Look and feel as well quality and durability of the furniture depends on technology

Cabinet furniture made with
European technology

  1. The cut.

    Depending on the project itself we cut either on the panel saw or on CNC mill.

    Quality equipment allows to get a perfect cut without chips and the parts’ dimensions will be accurate and according to the design.

  2. Drilling.

    We don’t use hand power tools.

    All holes are drilled either on the CNC or on the boring machine.

    Precise equipment guarantees that all parts will be assembled easily without applying any additional power and adjustments.

  3. We use the edge banding machines.

    The resulting edges are perfectly straight and clean.

  4. Assembly.

    Most of the furniture is being assembled at the factory. Only few built-in parts are assembled at your home.

    Quick and clean assembly.

You get the nice
and durable furniture,
that can be moved as well.

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Modul Plus — the only furniture factory in Chonburi equipped with the full production cycle machinery

Our cabinet furniture is tailored to your home

This is the best solution for complex layouts and house designs.

We work with the best materials and fittings suppliers

Our designers will help you to navigate the assortment of materials, coatings and fittings.

поставщики материалов, фурнитуры

Materials and coatings

Wide selection of materials colors and textures. You can see and touch all the samples.

Furniture fittings and accessories

You can choose the materials, colors and textures. You can see and even touch all the samples!

Bathroom appliances and built-in kitchen appliances

We save your home’s free space.


Leo Sliusar
SEO, the soul of the company
“ I’ve been refining my vision of the factory for 7 years. Choosing the right equipment, studying the market... It's not easy to start a business on a such scale in a foreign country. But we've succeded, and the reason for this is the team of professionals working here and the quality of the furniture we are making.

We have already completed
more than 60 furniture projects

Customers’ feedback

Tatiana Ivashenko

« I’ve been thinking of making my living room more cozy for a long time.

And finally I’ve got the idea of a shelving in the corner to place there my statuettes, since I’ve go plenty ))). I’ve tried looking for such furniture in IKEA, but either the dimensions were not fit or there was no backlight. That was not exactly what I wanted. And it looked too simple and cheap as well.

And finally I saw a post on facebook from the Modul Plus. When I found out the the director was Leo, and I know him for a long time as a very honest responsible person, I called him immediately. I described what I want and he recommended the materials to match our budget. Next day the measurement technician came.

When our shelving was ready we agreed on the time of the installation. The installation team was very nice, they assembled everything really quick, connected the backlight and even cleaned up afterwards )) Now our living room is sooo beautiful!

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Cabinet furniture
made with
European technology

Custom design tailored
to your house or apartment

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